Storytelling with data

Techniques for learning and teaching data skills #2 Storytelling with Data

Thursday 14th March, 13.00 – 17.00
Federation House
Federation Street
Manchester M4 4BF

In partnership with 360Giving

In this increasingly complex and digital age, knowing how to turn data into information is a powerful thing. Communicating complex numbers and crafting meaningful stories from them is a desirable skill that can help to move policies, create new partnerships and lead to positive change.

During this workshop, we will build compelling stories for grantmaking from datasets. We will start by focusing on the ‘who’ we are telling the story to and how to craft a narrative that is compelling to them.

We will also review best practices for using stories crafted from data to build a better understanding of our stakeholders and their needs. We will explore data – 360Giving’s, your own, or other data sources – and think about the story it tells us, drafting stories for our audiences.

This is a train the trainer session where we will teach how to facilitate this activity, but it’s open to everyone who wants to learn how to tell stories with data.