Development notes

We are now drawing to a close the discovery phase of the Declaration timeline. Over the past few months we have been running workshops with a broad range of stakeholders from public, private, civil society and academic sectors. We have also held a number of one-to-one interviews.

We are in the process of trying to find the linkages between various suggestions and will use this as a means to create a first version of the Declaration and we have created a Trello board that lists these thoughts. At the moment the board is laid out into sections covering:

  • Pervasive technology – sensors, internet of things, phones, etc.
  • Data and democracy – how data enables or stifles participation
  • Open standards and data – interoperability, transparency and concerns
  • Data impacts – what we need to enable
  • Personal data and privacy – how we handle personal information
  • AI, algorithms and machine learning – advanced ways of gathering insight and decision making
  • Data retention and disposal – how data is handled
  • Data collection methods – understanding the technical system of collection
  • Miscellaneous and other – not yet categorised
  • ODM thoughts – developing thoughts
  • Needs – what the Declaration needs to do

The sections are the original suggested categories that were used in the workshops, but over time these will change as many items cross over into other themes. The thoughts have also been tagged with the following:

  • Declaration attributes – what the declaration should be
  • Human requirements – what is needed to be ethical, just and practical
  • Technical requirements – what is needed technically
  • Assumptions – things we don’t know for sure
  • Decisions – is this needed?
  • Concerns – points that highlight specific concerns
  • Explanation – description of categories

The Trello board can be found here and is being actively worked on. We invite comments, suggestions and additions to this board. Please contact us on