I Can’t Believe It’s Not Data!

Tuesday 26th March, 18.30 – 20.30
Federation House
Federation Street
Manchester M4 4BF

Do you have a tale of bad stats, strange correlations, malicious intent or plain, downright stupidity?

Toy Story 2’s production famously hit a snag after losing a couple of months worth of work due to an accidental and erroneous command being executed.

In 1999 the Mars Orbiter Climate spacecraft crashed because engineers used computer software which produced output in non-SI units of pound-force seconds (lbf·s) instead of the SI units of newton-seconds

And in 2003, Manchester City Council received a £7,500,000 budget cut due to an error with the census data, which essentially lost 25,000 people.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Data is a night for sharing YOUR data horror stories.

Similar to Open:Data:Night we’ll have a couple of speakers but we also want to hear from YOU. If you have a story or cautionary tale that you’d like to share, drop an email to sam[at]opendatamanchester[.]org[.]uk. There’ll also be some quick-fire slots on the night.

Register here.

Tuesday 26th March, 18.30-20.30