Declaration events and workshops

We are actively seeking people to offer their knowledge and experience in the development of the Declaration. Although we have initially set March 2020 as a point at which we will have an implementable version with associated guidance, in reality the Declaration will evolve over time as the use of data evolves.

Over the coming months we’ll be running a series of workshops that will ask people about what a Declaration needs to address, how it will enable best practice and what’s needed to make it implementable. Through a co-design process we hope that it will represent the broadest range of data users and subjects as practically possible.

We will be running a number of co-design workshops over the coming months and you can sign up for these below. We will also be conducting a number of one-to-one meetings and seminars, so if you want to get involved or arrange a meeting contact us on

17th June 19 – Declaration scoping workshop – 

16th Sept 19 – Public sector workshop –

17th Sept 19 – Academic sector workshop –

18th Sept 19 – Civil society and voluntary sector workshop –

Oct 19 – Property and land sector workshop – TBC

20th Sept 19 – Business sector workshop –
We will also be running a number of community and resident workshops in September and October as well reporting back during our regular monthly meetings.

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