Cities, communities, businesses and academia across the world are waking up to the dangers of unfettered data use. We will link to examples of good practice, useful papers and relevant articles here. If you have a resource to add, please share it.


In rapidly digitizing cities, ethical and responsible use of data is a major challenge – and Amsterdam is no exception. Professionals from the Amsterdam region therefore wrote a manifesto entitled ‘Tada – data disclosed’. Government authorities, companies and other organizations from different regions are invited to use and sign the document, showcasing their ambitions to shape a responsible digital city.

SmartCityPHL – Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia established the SmartCityPHL initiative in 2017 to better understand and implement smart and emerging technology solutions that would improve City service delivery for its broad community of residents, businesses, and visitors.

NYC Guidelines for the Internet of Things

A framework to help government and our partners responsibly deploy connected devices and IoT technologies in a coordinated and consistent manner.

Barcelona Digital City

Beyond the Smart City: the people’s roadmap towards technological sovereignty.

Barcelona’s priority is to go beyond the concept of the smart city and take full advantage of opportunities brought about by highly transformational data-driven technologies.

Technological Sovereignty? Democracy, Data and Governance in the Digital Era

Technological sovereignty must become another pillar on which to gradually construct and consolidate a new technological model that is ethical, responsible and civic.