What is Open Data

Modern technologised societies exist on data. It is the lifeblood that courses through the veins of our institutions and cities, creating the foundation and evidence of action.

As individuals in our modern society, we are our own personal data firehouse. The choices that we make and the places we go create a digital footprint that is accumulated, tabulated, and interpreted by public bodies and private enterprise alike.

The open data movement advocates for the release this data under open licence into the public domain so that people can understand why decision are made and can hold those who make them to account; enable public bodies, to better understand the resources that they hold and act efficiently and effectively; and kick start a new generation of data-driven businesses that will bring value and benefit to all.

The value of opening up data has been identified by the UK Government and European Commission and is has the potential to unlock billions of pounds of added value into the economy.

Open Data in Greater Manchester

Looking for open data?

Try DataGM – the open data repository for the city region.

Manchester Digital Development Agency have also collated a list of relevant data sources.

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