Jobs and opportunities

Call for freelance staff (paid)

Open Data Manchester has an ambitious programme for 2018 that includes events, workshops, training and data projects. To help us deliver these projects successfully we would like to call on the Open Data Manchester community to help.

At present we are creating a register of people we can call on to help deliver forthcoming projects and the skills we will be looking for will be as diverse as the programme that we seek to deliver.

So if you are if data is your thing, you can wrangle code or manage events and help keep Open Data Manchester going please send your CV and availability to freelance[@]opendatamanchester[.]org[.]uk. We can’t promise anything but we may contact you soon. See below for the rates we pay.

The rates are averaged from a number of sources and worked out as:
Half day rate is day rate / 8 * 4.5 and rounded to the nearest £10
Weekly (contiguous days) daily rate * 4.5 rounded to the nearest £10
Fortnightly (contiguous days) daily rate * 9 rounded to the nearest £10

For longer periods of work we will be offering fixed-term and fixed fee contracts.

Fancy volunteering

Over the next couple of months we will start to develop a volunteer programme to do more more outreach work. If you are interested in joining us drop an email to hello[a]opendatamanchester[.]org[.]uk outlining your interests and availability. Open Data Manchester has a policy of reimbursing reasonable expenses for travel and food when volunteering.

Open Data Manchester is committed to making opportunities available to all regardless of sex, race, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term contract status, sexual orientation or religion. Our Equal Opportunities Policy is a living document and can be found here.