Open Data Manchester is for everyone – data affects us all, so everyone needs to be involved in how it is created and used.

It came from a community desire to make sure local decision-makers were taking the opportunity to responsibly open up data so it could be used to improve people’s lives.

We’ve continued to bring people together to share expertise and ideas, and think more about how we might use data to make Greater Manchester a better place to live.

We run events, training and workshops, do research and create new projects that get the community involved, all designed to help more people understand data.

Most of what you see is available to be reused and repurposed – as a not-for-profit community interest company – money made from our commercial services goes into these resources.

  • Read the latest thoughts and ideas from the community on the blog.
  • Catch up on previous training and workshops.
  • Get a more detailed understanding from our presentations.
  • Check out datasets, code and other materials.
  • If you have a question, an idea or an itch to scratch, join or start a conversation on our forum (coming soon).
  • Meet the community at one of our upcoming events.

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