Open Data Manchester is a not-for-profit formed from a diverse group of open data advocates in 2010 that supports organisations to release data and helps people use it.

Whether working in partnership or on standalone programmes, we promote good data practice through expert advice, strong advocacy, participatory events, state-of-the-art research, technical support and interactive training.

Profits from our commercial work go into the community, where we host events and create resources designed to help more people use data more effectively, and ensure the sustainability of our work.

Our vision

We know that effective use of data can help solve some of our big challenges.

By demystifying its use and supporting people who want to use it wisely, we believe we can bring about a fairer society – where everyone benefits from better decision-making, better products and better services.

Our mission

Wherever we work, we promote responsible and intelligent data practice supported by research and evidence, and focused on need.

At home in Greater Manchester, we convene an increasingly expert community recognised for its efforts to make sure that data is used in ways that support people, planet and prosperity.

Our story

Open Data Manchester was set up as part of FutureEverything’s Open Data Cities programme to bring people together who were interested in using open data to improve their community.

That same year, with growing demand from these technologists, artists, public officials and provocateurs, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (now TfGM) became the UK’s first transport authority to release its bus scheduling information as open data.

In 2011, DataGM – The Greater Manchester Public DataStore launched to bring together and open up health, transport and other local service data from across the region.

This is seen as the start of Greater Manchester’s open data journey and Open Data Manchester is now one of the longest-standing communities of its kind in Europe.

In November 2017, Open Data Manchester became formally constituted as a not-for-profit community interest company, and is now welcoming contributors, partners and supporters from around the world.

Our impact

Open Data Manchester is part of a global community that influences and engages people around good data practice.

Through this network, we promote intelligent and responsible data practice developed in Greater Manchester at international conferences and festivals. 

Our work has helped shape practice at a local, national and international level, and we make it openly available so it can be shared and built on, ensuring lasting benefit to society.

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