We know data has the power to transform everybody’s lives and so we have portfolio of projects built to make sure this happens in the way we all want.

Our projects have been developed over many years, shaped by the people who get involved, to tackle some of data’s biggest challenges:

  • a commitment to intelligent and responsible use among organisations, professionals and activists
  • building understanding and skills in the communities we serve
  • ensuring everyone can be involved in decisions being made using data about them

Data for Communities

This started as a ‘spreadsheet-less’ workshop delivered in libraries and other community spaces, launched to address:

  • a lack of awareness of the importance of data in how policies that affect people’s lives are decided 
  • a need to support communities to be able to participate in such decision-making and scrutinise policy
  • a desire to build community skills so people can use evidence to identify needs in their local area and access funding 

Data for Communities has grown into a set of tools to help people and organisations understand data, about them and their communities, and take action.

Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice

This has been co-designed by people and organisations that want to make the right decisions with data in Greater Manchester. It is a ‘statement of intent’ that sets out principles for its supporters to work towards and a framework to help them do this by signposting resources and examples of best practice.

Deprivation, political control and representation

This work explores the relationship between local political representation and control, and deprivation, alongside other political, social and cultural factors. It informed the development of the Data for Communities programme, and the datasets and visualisations created have found wider national use.

The Lexicon of Experience

Developed from our Mapping Mobility work, the Lexicon of Experience addresses the inbuilt biases in technical systems that exclude the voices and experiences of marginalised people. This work looks at how we collectively experience urban spaces and aims to build a language for this so it can be used in urban planning.

ODM events 

A year-round schedule that brings together and grows the Open Data Manchester community to:

  • Introduce people to new ideas, skills and techniques 
  • Expand people’s networks, help them find collaborators and help them help others
  • Promote best practice from within and outside the community
  • Allow public and private sector organisations to showcase their work
  • Give voice to the community in wider conversations
  • Find, test and get support for new ODM projects


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