At Open Data Manchester, we try to bridge the gap between the technical and social aspects of data and its use. Our work explores how people relate to technical systems and how that those systems are often designed and implemented in a sub-optimal way. Creating inefficiencies and often having real world impact. 

Our mission is to promote responsible and ethical data practices that focus on the needs of people, the planet and prosperity.


With a unique blend of capabilities informed by our diverse community spanning government, academia, businesses, and civil society, we offer services in:

Data Strategy Development – we help organisations develop comprehensive data strategies aligned with their goals, leveraging techniques like stakeholder mapping, data ecosystem mapping, and assumptions mapping.

User Research and Consultation – through structured workshops, interviews, and tailored engagements, we uncover user needs, experiences, and barriers related to data systems and services.

Data Governance and Assessment – our team conducts data maturity assessments, evaluates data infrastructures and assets, and establishes robust data governance frameworks.

Inclusive Data Practices – we specialise in identifying and addressing potential equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) impacts in data-driven systems.

Training and Capability Building – we offer training programmes and knowledge-sharing sessions to upskill teams in responsible data practices, open standards, and data collaboration.


Our method of working with you involves a structured, multi-phase process to ensure we fully understand your requirements and deliver tailored solutions. This approach may involve:

Project Set Up – We start with initial discussions to understand your project goals, scope, requirements, timeline, budget, and constraints. We also align on responsibilities with your team.

Inception and Planning – We conduct a project inception meeting, map stakeholders, assess assumptions, solidify research questions, and plan our communication and engagement strategy.

Field Research – Our team conducts desk research, facilitates stakeholder workshops (in-person and online), interviews, and focus groups to gather data, insights, and feedback.

Analysis and Synthesis – We analyse research findings, identify gaps, carry out additional research if needed, and develop recommendations and a roadmap. Phases 2-3 may be repeated for deeper research or to further develop outputs.

Reporting/Output Delivery – We draft a comprehensive report, review it with you and stakeholders, and incorporate feedback to finalise the deliverable. We present the final report, recommendations, discuss implementation plans and next steps, and provide ongoing support and guidance.


Multidisciplinary team: Our team combines expertise in project management, user research, data governance, technical assessments, and policy development.

Community-driven approach: Our work is informed by a vibrant community of practitioners, ensuring we stay ahead of emerging trends and best practices.

Ethical and inclusive mindset: We prioritise ethical and inclusive data practices, addressing potential EDIA impacts and promoting responsible data use.

Proven track record: We have successfully delivered projects for academic institutions, government bodies, international organisations, and businesses across various sectors.


Our projects have been developed over many years, shaped by the people who get involved, to tackle some of data’s biggest challenges:

  • a commitment to intelligent and responsible use among organisations, professionals and activists
  • building understanding and skills in the communities we serve
  • ensuring everyone can be involved in decisions being made using data about them

View our Projects and History page for more information.

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