This is a photograph of graphic cards from a game exploring women and girls' experiences

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Since October last year, we’ve been working to understand more about how women and girls in Trafford experience where they live. With Trafford Council and GreaterSport, Right to the Streets aims to help make this group feel more safe and get active.

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In the first sharing session reflecting on the work done so far, we shared our methodology for getting to this kind of information, from participatory mapping workshops, to place review design and persona development.

We answered questions from the audience about engaging with community members and building trust to achieve change and safety for women and girls.

The second sharing session centred on the work of urban designers Publica. Focussing on women, girls and gender diverse people, Ellie Cosgrave shared key insights about how the built environment shapes all of our lives. She also spoke about the challenges of having conversations about gender inclusion and women’s safety.

Starting from a literature review drafted as a series of postcards, Ellie then explained the value that play can have here and presented games developed by Publica. The session ended with the audience taking part in one of these games, where we were encouraged to envision “what would the world look like if…”