Data has the power to transform public services, commercial products and professional opportunities, as well as, ultimately and importantly, everybody’s lives.

  • For governments, it can make for more effective services, create efficiencies and reduce costs
  • For businesses, greater access can mean new and better products can be built more easily
  • For professionals, these skills can equip you to help make government and business better
  • For people and communities, as well as the potential to get better services, it can be used to make civic processes better, strengthening relationships

But, we believe, with these opportunities comes the responsibility to act in ethical and socially-engaged ways.

Our services

For organisations interested in starting or continuing on an intelligent and responsible data journey, we offer consultancy services including:

  • Advice: understand the data environment, systems, processes or user behaviour
  • Advocacy: ensure continued commitment to legal and ethical data use
  • Events: raise awareness about data or data initiatives
  • Research: model data use or develop schema recommendations
  • Support: devise strategies and roadmaps to achieve sustainable open data release; develop open data standards, governance processes or policies
  • Training: respond to skills or knowledge gaps in technical, legal or ethical aspects of data practice

We endeavour to co-create projects with the right people, building in skills development, so that everyone can benefit from opportunities to understand data.

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