Image by: Aadil Nagdawala

In case you missed it – watch Another Country now – where we took a tour of some alternative geographies

ODM was delighted to be joined by three incredible psychogeographers for our Open:Data:Night on 27 July, where we explored different ways of experiencing place outside the quanitifed realm of indices, heat maps and formal geographies.

First up was Markus Hetheier, who is an electronic music producer, sound artist and researcher – he took us through his PhD research project, which uses sound to explore our relationship to our city and ourselves.

Next was Dr Morag Rose, a walking artist, activist and academic. She talked about geography and its relationship to power and politics, as well as exploring her work with the Loiterers Resistance Movement, which is all about being nosey and a bit of DIY.

Finally, Dr Andrew Rumsey, Bishop of Ramsbury in the diocese of Salisbury in England, gave us something of a meditation on place. It is imagined, it’s about possession, it’s nostalgic. Having written a book about parishes, he put forward the case for reimagining these local areas as “little but not narrow”.

Watch the full video below.