How to Build a Data Cooperative with Astha Kapoor, Hays Witt and Julian Tait

We know that increasing amounts of data exist identifying who we are and what we do, much of which is controlled and used by private companies, so there is growing interest in finding alternatives.

Data cooperatives are a form of data custodianship that can help communities collect, pool and share their data for collective good, and allow people to have more control over the data that they create, and may offer part of the answer.

The concept is a simple one, where members agree to pool their data and that this is shared with others based the on agreement of the cooperative.

This sharing can be altruistic, further a particular cause, or return economic value. Although conceptually simple, working examples are few and far between.

Join us for the next Open:Data:Night on 30 March to find out how data cooperatives are developing around the world, including the latest from ODM creating such a model for small energy cooperatives, in partnership with Manchester-based Carbon Coop, supported by the ODI’s Data Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

We’ll be joined by:

Please not due to timezone differences this event will take place at 16.00 GMT rather our usual evening slot.