A rack on bikes on Beech Road in Chorlton

Our Streets Chorlton: Join our cohort of community traffic surveyors and data collectors

As part of the Our Streets Chorlton project, Open Data Manchester will be carrying out various data monitoring and collection, including air quality measurements and traffic surveys.

We are looking to form a cohort of data collectors and traffic surveyors who will not only help us collect baseline data throughout the initial year-long project, but to contribute ideas as to what data should be collected and to help us design the collection.

Open Data Manchester will be running a design workshop on in January where we would love for you to help us decide:

  • what methods we should use to simply, accurately and safely collect this data
  • how best we can make this data available to the Chorlton community
  • what other data relevant to Chorlton and the climate we could collect

We will run two workshops, but you only need to attend one depending on when you are available. These will be on Tuesday 12th January at 2pm & 7pm. They will run for about an hour and a half and will take place online via Zoom.

From this workshop, we will then finalise the traffic data surveys and run training sessions for those who want to take part in the traffic surveying and data collection.

If you’d like to be part of the design workshops you can sign up via the links below.

If you’d like to be part of the traffic survey cohort but can’t make the design workshop, or if you’d just like to know a bit more information please send us an email.