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Co-operative Group signs up to the Declaration – find out how you can get involved too

Using data ethically, whether in the ways we collect, use and share data, or how we design systems that use it, is key to the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice that was launched last year.

We’re delighted to welcome the Manchester-headquartered Co-operative Group as a supporter of the Declaration, a commitment to promoting better data practice in Greater Manchester and further afield.

Through its Data Ethics Advisory Group, The Cooperative Group has been putting these issues at the heart of its data-management processes, so the organisation is well-aligned with the principles of the Declaration.

Co-operative Group joins GMCA and other local supporters

It is the largest commercial organisation to support the Declaration so far, joining the likes of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Manchester Digital and Wigan Council in promoting ethical data practice.

“I’m delighted that Co-op’s Data Ethics Advisory Group agreed that Co-op should officially support ODM’s Declaration for responsible and intelligent data practice,” says Tricia Wheeler, Data Governance Lead, Co-op Data Governance and Management Team.

“The Declaration’s principles align well with what we are already trying to achieve in ethical data management at the Co-op, or where we have ambitions to improve further – not just good data governance in looking after our data, but also making sure we are using it responsibly for our colleagues, customers and communities.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with ODM in the design phase to work towards a framework to help organisations embed these principles into working practices.”

Help us design the next stages of the Declaration

The support of The Co-operative Group enables the Declaration to move into its next phase – the development of an implementation framework so that more organisations can put this shared understanding of data best practice to use.

Like the Declaration’s 23 principles, this part will be collaboratively designed, so that the framework represents the needs of organisations that want to work more ethically with data. In Autumn 2021, a series of design sprints will be run to develop the framework, focussing on each of the Declaration’s themes:

  • common principles
  • collecting and using data
  • good governance
  • respect for all
  • system design
  • procurement
  • sharing knowledge
  • open data
  • environmental impact

Each sprint will last two weeks, with people asked to get involved online during each one.

Before starting the sprint series, we are running a 1.5 hour session to co-design the sprints, including their scope and sequence. This will be an open session for all people who are interested the development of the Declaration, data ethics or the co-design process.

It will happen online from 2pm to 3.30pm (BST) on Monday 28 June. Sign up here.

If you can’t make the session, or have a specific interest in one of the topics, keep an eye on the newsletter for the announcement of the sprints, or email to let us know you’d like to be involved.