A photo of the Data: a new direction consultation document with a yellow highlighter pen resting on the cover

Need help responding to the government’s data reform plans? Here’s something to make the process a little easier

The UK government’s 2021 data reform consultation Data: A New Direction is as long as it is broad and proposes changes to all aspects of data practice.

After our own public event, where we worked together to understand the proposals and develop our own responses to the consultation, we wanted to open up the resources developed to more people.

Below you’ll find links to each of the five chapters found in the consultation – the link takes you to an online document, which you should copy first yourself before you begin going through the questions, and a handy video on how to respond by ODM board member and CEO of Paper Frogs, Linda Humphries.

Each document follows the order of the government’s consultation – but to help us all focus more easily on the questions asked – we’ve moved all other related information to the end. Don’t worry, the document still contains any context that you need to answer each question, with instructions on how to find it.

Remember that for the consultation, you only have to review the chapters and answer the questions that interest you – but do try to explain your answer and add supporting evidence to make your response stronger.

Do let us know how you find the process – and do make sure you respond by the 19 November deadline.

Chapter 1 – Reducing barriers to responsible innovation [LINK]

Chapter 2 – Reducing burdens on businesses and delivering better outcomes for people [LINK]

Chapter 3 – Boosting trade and reducing barriers to data flows [LINK]

Chapter 4 – Delivering better public services [LINK]

Chapter 5 – Reform of the Information Commissioner’s Office [LINK]